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Are you songwriter or musician aspiring to become a professional in the new music industry?

Welcome to TRIBE, a free event created purely for Modern Songwriters in the 21st Century who are ready to learn the most essential tools to start their music career and turn ‘dreams’ into measurable outcomes.

Like many aspiring musicians with a dream, we started our journey in the bedroom, rehearsal room or the home studio. But with every day we spend alone in our safe bubble, the music industry moves on without you and something needs to change. But where to start?

What do successful musicians, songwriters and producers do differently?

How do you connect with other likeminded people who are not time wasters?

In this FREE EVENT, we will be revealing the best kept secret in the music industry and how you can use it to leverage and kickstart your career. You will receive actionable tips on how to use social media to build your following, develop stronger relationships in the music industry and start your music career.

Who is this for?
This workshop is for anyone involved in songwriting, gigging or producing music at any level. If you’re feeling like your ready to get more out of your music then this is your chance to attend TRIBE.

What are you waiting for?

Register below for this FREE event and start connecting with likeminded professionals in the music industry.

About Michél Kroll
Professional Songwriter, Producer and Music Mentor, Michél Kroll started his music career at the age of 16 and only a year later, he signed his first record deal and moved to Berlin working with Universal Music, Berlin State Opera and Sony Music as touring artist, songwriter, mentor and producer. Alongside this he has performed with international acts like The Wu-Tang-Clan, Bloodhound Gang, Danko Jones, Nick Cave, Powderfinger and Fall Out Boy.