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Discover how to turn your SKILLS and PASSION for music into a CAREER at OPEN DAY on 5-6 October

From mastering your craft to recording your next single or working towards a career as a musician, artist, producer or mentor, we invite to you USM OPEN DAY on 5-6 October to learn more about how we can help you take the next step in your journey.

Our team have worked with Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, JMC, Universal Music, Sony and several independent labels, agencies and venues in Australia and internationally for over 25 years and have produced, trained and mentored musicians across the world to become independent working professionals in today’s industry.

At USM OPEN DAY, you’ll discover how to turn your passion and skills into a career and be surrounded by a team of professional mentors, songwriters and producers who can answer any of your questions over this jam packed 2 day weekend.


12.30pm – Tribal Blues Ensemble
For beginners 7-14
Witness students collaborating creatively, working on instrumentation and honing their social skills by combining percussion with the blues in this fun, interactive session

Hosted by Martin Case

2pm – Theory Essentials for DJ/ Producers
For DJ’s & Producers 16-35
A live demonstration and walk you through the various pragmatic ways to apply music theory, tools and techniques to help you take your music from the home studio to pro industry level

Hosted by Martin Case

3pm – Start Your Career & Become Mentor
For Producers, Educators & Artists 25-40
Learn how to turn your skills and knowledge into a career & what you need to become a mentor in the new music industry

Hosted by Steve Jaz

4pm – The Strategy to Success
Singer Songwriters & Emerging Artists 16-27
Live interview case study of USM Artists NICO & KEZIAH & how Keziah went from a handful of unfinished songs to 200,000 music streams, 38,000 Instagram followers, regular gigs & earning income from affiliate marketing, merchandise in under 2 years

Hosted by Michel Kroll


12pm – Success Checklist
For Singer Songwriters, Musicians & Producers 16-29
Get your copy of the essential checklist that every successful songwriter, producer and musician uses to get more fans, clients, get more gigs and start your professional career in the music industry plus Q & A

Hosted by Michel Kroll

1.30pm – Meet the Songwriter’s Tribe
For Singer Songwriters & Producers 18-35
Meet your Tribe in this collaborate workshop and learn how to find the right team of writers, musicians and producers so you can create professionally crafted songs that make high impact and create the greatest engagement

Hosted by Michel Kroll

3pm – All Star Band Jam Session
For Intermediate-Advanced Musicians 15-35
Come and Jam with our USM All Star Band and get an opportunity to play alongside with the best Jazz musicians in Melbourne & the chance to be involved with upcoming gigs, shows, festivals and tours!

Hosted by Elissa Rodger & Martin Case

4.30pm – Networking & Drinks
Come and chill with the USM Team for some drinks, refreshments & live DJ!

Hosted by the USM Team

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Discover how to turn your SKILLS and PASSION for music into a CAREER at OPEN DAY on 5-6 October

To all the modern musicians,

We understand you – the musician; the creative, adventurous, daring, dreamer, seer and one of a kind, immersed in music 24/7. You love it so much that you get lost in creativity where outsiders often struggle to see the magic inside your world.

Your dedication to perfect your craft is an undeniable force that drives you consistently to do what you love because you see the impact it has on your fans and the world around you. We live in an age of infinite knowledge at our fingertips, trying to make sense of an industry yet we simply have no idea where to start.

That’s why we have created a place for musicians to connect the dots, share ideas, grow, learn and be inspired by our culture, our mission and our stories.

Education is evolving and together we are creating a new system for learning with the very best team of mentors and industry professionals to guide musicians on a pathway to a career in today’s music industry.

Whether you’re mastering an instrument, recording for your next release or ready to start a career as a musician, artist, producer or mentor, your journey starts here. We invite to you find out how we can help you take the next step at USM Open Day.