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Where artists are made

Welcome to Music Valley

Melbourne’s premier music training and production studio, empowering artists to reach their full potential, get gigs, and create their best work. For over a decade, our team has developed thousands of musicians by providing the resources necessary to enhance their skills, build their music assets, and become artists in today’s music industry.

Our Story

In 2009, Music Valley was established under the name Universal School of Music. As the needs of our vibrant community grew, our organization underwent a transformation. Over the course of a decade, we evolved our offerings and rebranded as Music Valley. While education and training remained at our core, we expanded our services to encompass recording, music production, artist development and career management.

Master Your Craft

Being a musician begins with developing your skills in your chosen instrument. In this phase, students work closely with their instructor on a series of objectives to enhance their skills in technique, and performance in their chosen craft.

Record & Release

Write, record, & release your music and develop your live act. Collaborate with artists, songwriters and producers to create professional relationships, expand your network, and grow your influence.

Launch Your Career

Make the transition from amateur to professional by monetizing your knowledge, skills, service and product with professional coaching, marketing strategy, and our artist services agency.

We make artists.

Do you want to become an independent working artist in today’s music industry?

We can help you write and develop your entire live act, your EP, and your products so you can build legitimacy and grow your presence as an independent artist.  We offer a highly practical, flexible, and cost-effective program that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and marketing strategies you need to become a working artist.

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We train musicians to become working artists.

The Mentor Foundations program is specifically designed for emerging professional musicians who are ready to start a career in coaching and mentoring. This 10-week immersive program will give you the essential skills, tools, and framework that is necessary for the early stages of a professional mentoring relationship.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the key pillars that define the spirit and culture at Music Valley. They unite our team to ensure that we continue to drive results for our members and stay aligned to our vision, the way we work, create and play.

Do what you love

Be true to yourself and others

Listen intently and seek to add value

Be authentic, fun and a little wild

Share your feelings and always seek feedback

Support growth and embrace change

Pursue learning and lead by example

Respect individual abilities and values

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