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A better pathway for aspiring artists

Whether you’re a passionate amateur, emerging artist, or a career-focused musician, our 3 phases are specifically designed to guide you through the various stages in your journey and help you achieve your music goals. Our innovative program is designed to help musicians develop and master their skills, record high-quality music, and make the transition from amateur to professional seamlessly.

Phase 1

Master Your Craft

For Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Saxophone, Music Theory, Performance, Songwriting, Recording and Music Production

Work closely with teacher, coach or mentor to develop a series of customised objectives based on the learning framework according to your level, skill and area of interest.

Receive weekly private or group classes in your area of focus, participate in quarterly workshops, and collaborate with other musicians in a fun, professional studio environment. Once you begin mastering the basics, you’ll be able to collaborate with other musicians, gain performance experience and eventually record your first song.

What you get

  • Weekly sessions with your teacher, coach or mentor
  • Access to a range of workshops and masterclasses held every quarter
  • Performance opportunities in house, at public events, festivals and venues
  • Priority auditions for a place in the MV All-Star Band
  • Exclusive invitation to attend the Annual Music Awards & Show
  • Regular support, scorecard progress reports and quarterly evaluations
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Phase 2.1

Record & Release

Write, record and release your music in the next stage of your journey as you collaborate with our community of artists, songwriters and producers. We will provide you with the talent, structure, recording gear and all the resources you need to get your music out there.

Once your music is ready for release on streaming platforms, our team of experts will help you develop your entire live act where you’ll be working with an entire team to develop your professional image, and prepare for your debut release party as part of the ‘Unleash the Artist’ program. At this stage, you will begin to build credibility, grow your presence in the industry and pitch your act to venues, festivals, promoters and managers in the next phase of your journey at Music Valley.

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Phase 2.2

Launch Your Career 

Collaborate with artists, songwriters, producers, mentors and create professional relationships to build your network, build presence and grow your audience. Make the transition from to professional status with the help of our artist services agency. Further develop and test your product in your niche market in preparation for phase 3.

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Phase 3: Marketing, Sales & Business Training

Music & Money

Music & Money will give you the skills needed to take you to the next stage in your music career and business. In addition to sharing over a decade of marketing and sales strategies we have used to create successful results for our clients, we’ll show you how to move past some of the current belief systems that may be holding you back from creating the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to turn years of experience, skill and expertise into a full time income in today’s music industry, this training is exactly what you have been looking for.

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Start Your Career in Mentoring

Mentor Foundations

Navigating the music industry can be a long and winding road for many aspiring musicians seeking a career in a changing landscape. That is why most successful musicians have a mentor who they work with regularly to help them stay focused and accountable to achieve their goals.

Mentoring and coaching is now the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world as more musicians are now using mentoring as a way to share their experience, skill and knowledge with upcoming talent whilst getting a return on all those years of study and real-life experience. If you’re ready to share your experience, knowledge and skill with upcoming talent, Mentor Foundations for Musicians will provide you with the tools and skills needed to start your career in mentoring.

What Our Members Have To Say

“I joined Music Valley 4 years ago as a student learning music for the first time. Before joining Music Valley I always had stage fright, and now I don’t even get the nerves. Music Valley taught me to own the stage.
I started taking songwriting lessons at Music Valley and at the age of 13, I’ve already written 4 songs. In November of 2022, I had my first DEBUT SINGLE RELEASE at Music Valley, and this could NOT have been done without their incredible team. Music Valley really cares about musicians and really helped me grow as a singer.
I started Music Valley as a student, but now I’m an artist in a band, performing all over Melbourne for larger crowds. In the span of 4 years, Music Valley did so much for me, and is continuing to help me grow as a young artist in this world. I absolutely love this place “

Vishva ModiAspiring Artist, 2022 MV Scholarship Award Recipient

"Music Valley is an incredibly inspiring and motivating atmosphere which helps me focus on my own path and style alongside others on their own journeys. All at an incredibly affordable price!"

JasperSinger Songwriter

I have been slaving away in the music industry for 10 years now and reached a point where I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the little returns or appreciation for the amount of effort I was putting in. I would never say these words lightly about anyone, so when I say this, it comes from a place of absolute gratitude and appreciation. After going through with Steve's Music & Money course, I felt that I'd learned more about the industry in those 7 weeks than I had in 10 years! It equipped me with the knowledge & confidence I needed to take that step into becoming a professional, and stepping out of my amateur clothes. I have already applied Steve's techniques, and I saw my merch sales skyrocket at my shows from a 20-30% to an 80% sales conversion rate!

Chooka ParkerAustralia's Got Talent 2011/ Musician/Composer/TV Personality & YouTuber

"Music Valley's Unleash The Artist program allows me to not only build a network of other like-minded musicians and individuals, but holds me accountable with a set schedule and goal. It really helped me to get my foot in the door of the local live music scene, providing me with my first paid gigs, and giving me experience and exposure doing what I love."

Alex LangtonAspiring Artist, Singer Songwriter

"Music Valley is an amazing opportunity to build your network with professionals and other emerging talents. There is so much to learn from collaborating with these people, from the overall process of creating to little tips and tricks. The feedback you get is invaluable!"

Emily AdelinaSinger Songwriter, SM Influencer & Performing Artist

“The Unleash program is very resourceful and has enabled me to develop a professional mindset as an artist and provided structure and discipline to my music goals. It has helped me discover my true intention and mission as an artist and how to present that to the world. Great mentors who really spend time with you individually to develop your live act.”

Aditi KujurSinger Songwriter & Emerging Artist

“Unleash has been a great opportunity to become gig ready. It has helped me craft a set and a brand that is performance ready and which can be replicated again and again. I feel more prepared, confident and know myself more as an artist.”

Derek WilsonSinger Songwriter & Emerging Artist

Since stumbling across Music Valley, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside the most passionate, dedicated, and influential, musical minds. Those that I have collaborated with have helped to test me, shape me, and gently guide me through my artistic journey as a singer/songwriter, in ways I know could not have been possible without them.

Dylan HoggetSinger Songwriter & Actor

"Before I found my community at Music Valley, I used to do everything on my own which felt like a never-ending cycle of adversity. I get to meet and work with so many other artists and producers who have the skills I needed to help me create some of my best work."

Brett ‘Megalove’Artist, Mindset Coach (The Confident Musician)

What can I say but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart…. The knowledge, real-life skills, and friends I've made at MV has changed my life. I decided this year was my year and decided it was time I followed my dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter. Not only are the programs valuable but the amazing people I get to network with are an endless line of support as I start my journey into the wonderful world of a singer-songwriter and now working towards a career in professional mentoring. Give it a go you have nothing to lose only endless things to gain… xx

Jessy LeighSinger Songwriter & Mentor

I've been a member at MV for about 16 months and its been a life-changing decision so far, having a mentor to guide and give me the tools to be able to start constructing the life that I truly want for myself, it has inspired and moved me to the point where I've decided to pursue a career in mentoring and currently working towards this with the help of MV.

Jordan PatersonDJ, Producer & Former Construction Worker
Together We Build Dreams

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