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Turn your expertise, skill and passion into a career

Whether you’re a producer, musician, educator, consultant or manager, everything in the music business is a skill which can be learned and applied right away with the right set of tools, structure and guidance. ‘Music & Money’ will provide you with the essential training and support needed to turn your expertise and passion into a thriving music business.

Success Stories

“I have been slaving away in the music industry for 10 years now and reached a point where I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the little returns or appreciation for the amount of effort I was putting in.

I would never say these words lightly about anyone, so when I say this, it comes from a place of absolute gratitude and appreciation. After going through with Steve’s Music & Money training, I felt that I’d learned more about the industry in those 7 weeks than I had in 10 years!

It equipped me with the knowledge & confidence I needed to take that step into becoming a professional, and stepping out of my amateur clothes. I have already applied Steve’s techniques, and I saw my merch sales skyrocket at my shows from a 20-30% to an 80% sales conversion rate!”

Chooka Parker – Australia’s Got Talent Sensation
Musician/Composer/TV Personality & YouTuber
(over 25 million collective Youtube streams)

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Skills?

Learn how to create effective marketing campaigns, attract new clients and grow your music business with the latest marketing strategies.

Master all 7 areas of your Music Business

1. Discover Your Avatar & Target Market 🎯
Discover your niche, target market and your avatar’s buying motives and research their psycho demographics through a carefully designed survey.

2. Building Credibility and Trust in your Niche 🥇
Learn how to build a following by building trust throughout your marketing campaigns, build credibility, add value and set up your positioning statement for your socials and website.

3. Marketing Strategies & Social Media 👩🏻💻
Design your ‘event sales funnel’, using attractive ad copy, call to actions and essential email marketing tools. Learn how to craft a powerful story that INSPIRES and MOVES your audience to take some form of action. e.g. purchase your service, products, buy tickets to your show, sign up to your mailing list, fan club or attend your event.

Once this is ready, we will help you set up targeted Facebook & Instagram ads to generate new leads and clients. We call this ‘Lead Aquisition Strategy’.

4. Sales & Conversion Strategy 📈
Learn how to convert a new prospect into a paying client or fan at point of sale situations such as fact to face, selling from stage, merchandise table and nurturing leads before and after events.

5. Managing Money🤑
Manage your money and learn to budget, set your prices and fees, create packages, create sales forecasts, targets, track expenses, and understand what you can claim on tax as a musician. Most importantly, know how to measure your R.O.I. (Return On Investment) so you can ensure your business is covering costs plus making a profit.

6. How to create agreements and maintain accountability🤝
How to establish roles, responsibilities and boundaries when working with musicians, teams, hirers, producers, artist managers and music professionals. A crucial skill for any professional who wishes to maintain the integrity of his or her relationships in the music industry.

7. How to turn a dream into an executable set of goals
In order to measure your progress and ensure you’re heading in the right direction, it’s imperative to have goals, strategy and an action plan in place. In this training, you’ll be provided with a concise and easy to follow system that you can use as a roadmap for achieving your wildest goals using the most cutting-edge goal-setting strategies used by Bono, Spotify, Google and Twitter.

As each new topic is introduced, you will be guided every step of the way as you implement the tools and strategies into your music business and work alongside a team of professionals.

Based on a proven track record of results from previous clients, we are certain that this training will give you the skills, tools and structure you need to get results, get new clients and earn credibility in your area of expertise. To learn more, contact us for your free discovery session today.

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