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Mentoring and coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world ($350 million per day in the US) with more musicians seeking guidance from industry professionals as traditional education models and institutions face a decline in enrolments in recent years.

Never has there been a better time in the new music industry to seek guidance from professionals who can be there to help musicians make the right choices when it comes to establishing a music career.

Especially in today’s ‘information age’ where you can just about google any course or tutorial about how to gain a following, get more gigs or market yourself, the answers are all around us. But therein lies the challenging questions that most of us musicians face when making wise career investment choices like, ‘Can I become a professional mentor?’, ‘What is the right course for me?’ and ‘How do I go about making it a career?’

To help you understand mentoring in the 21st century and provide some answers to these questions, we have put together these videos to help you decide if becoming a Mentor is the right choice for you.

In this video, Steve Jaz gives us a sneak peak into the lifestyle of a mentor at USM and provides a deeper understanding of the differences between teaching, coaching, counselling and mentoring.

One of the biggest problems we see in the traditional institutional approaches to education is that teacher’s simply don’t have the support or jurisdiction to have real and honest conversations with their students.

Whilst students are doing great in their technical, ear training, theory, stage and production skills, it’s VITAL to develop strong connections, relationships and networks to make it in this industry. Have a listen to this video about this topic with Martin Case – mentor, lecturer and consultant for USM on institutional affiliation.


Most successful musicians have a mentor who they work with regularly to develop themselves more than any other area or skill set.

Take a listen to how mentoring has a profound impact on the mindset, life and career of USM founder, Steve Jaz in this video.


To learn more about mentoring or how you can become a professional mentor for musicians, contact us today to book your free discovery interview.